Über uns

  • Wir wollen den politischen Diskurs im öffentlichen Raum zum Leben erwecken. Hierzu laden wir dich zum Gespräch mit uns ein. Wir wollen über die aktuellen Umstände, allgemene Themen oder die neusten Ereignisse mit dir reden.
  • Wir versuchen eine entspannte Atmosphäre in der Ringbahn zu schaffen. Es gibt neben den kostenlosen Snacks auch Vorträge und Lesungen zum Thema. Kern der Aktion bleibt aber das direkte Gespräch.
  • Wir sind ein offener politischer Kreis welcher sich mit basisdemokratischen Strukturen auseinandersetzt und neue politische Räume für alle aktivieren will. In diesem Sinne erschließen wir die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel als Knotenpunkt politischen Diskurses.

The Idea

The "RingRat" is about a 'political' train ride (2 or more times the Berlin circle line) during which we invite our fellow commuters to talk with us. To get the conversation going, we have created a relaxed atmosphere (among other thing a table with tea and little snacks, that we distribute for free), and short presentations or readings of selected newspapers or books. We are thereby trying to transform the S-Bahn, as an anonymous place of silence, to a site of (political) discourse. Our experiences so far with doing this are quite positive. Several commuters in fact stayed with us longer as they would have needed to travel and did participate in discussions. Just some examples: a woman, who just attended a rally on the political situation in Poland and reported to us, a spontanous discussion about the 'violence issue' in political work, triggered by a text by Stéphane Hessel "Empört Euch", or a - for both sides - inspiring conversation with an older person about the public critisism on the system, provided by the media and how this critisism fails to really represent the public opinion. Of course there were some people (who problaby had a long day of work behind them) who weren't interested in talking, which of cource, we respect. Altogether though we act to the device: always only those can be heard, who complain about the noise, but seldom those, who think it is too silent around them.

Conversations, not demontrations

The "RingRat" enables people, who normally aren't involved in leftish/alternative/critical subjects, to engage in a conversation about change, politics, the world around us and themselves. We want to create an open discussion, where we prepare a theme in advance, but won't propagate a fixed opinion. We aren't doing a rally in the S-Bahn. If public space is really to be made a site of open discussion, all opinions must have a place in them, provided they don't represent sexist, racist etc. content.

Personal discussions and a saver space

We try to create a space, where everybody will be able to express themselves, and, at the same time, nobody needs to feel intimidated. Personal conversations, between two or sometimes three persons, and the detended atmosphere are two factors that contribute to this aim, but otherwise, we don't have a fixed recipe, how to make it work. Howerver, up until now, we haven't noticed situations, where this problem occured.

Possibilities of political networking und inclusion of the not politically engaged

In the spirit of a general openness of the Berlin political space, the "RingRat" can be a platform to direct attention on initiatives and help locate them in the city. During the ride, maps can hung out that tell people about the spaces/struggles/actions in their neighbourhood. Generally, for many members of society, the possibility of self-organisation is undisclosed territory althogether. The "RingRat" thus provide better accessibility of these ideas.

The "RIngRat" is an experiment and being tried out by us, as a way to involve people in a discussion. In this spirit we invite everybody to adopt and adapt this instrument, and/or just participate at the ride of course. We appreciate the participation of other political initiaves as well, from the stop eviciction movement to foodsharing, which can present their project during the ride.


If you want to contact us, just write a mail. (The social media are only being looked after during the ride.)


Of course, we prefer you write us encrypted. This is our PGP-Key to do this.

If you want an update, on how encrypting messages functions for you, here is a small manual.